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How to Compare and Review Annuities


Annuity Review—How to Select Annuities

You won’t find on the Internet a source that compares or reviews different annuity contracts or annuity companies.  There are just too many annuities on the market to do that.   However, you can find various side by side annuity comparisons of rates and surrender terms, essentially a fixed annuity review comparing the first year and multi-year rate guarantees. 
When it comes to index annuities, there is only one company we know that does any type of comparisons or index annuity review and that is MCPPremium.  The company helps annuity agents compare index annuities but anyone would be able to buy their software or analysis service.

As to variable annuities review, given that each variable annuity may have 60 different sub-accounts, a comparison or review would get unwieldy very quickly.  However, one of the important aspects of reviewing variable annuities is the cost. If your library has this software, Morningstar® Annuity Analyzer, you’re in luck as you can do side by side annuity reviews of many contracts.

As reported by Consumer Reports, “Unfortunately, most variable annuities are so complex that comparison shopping is all but impossible. If you want one, look at low-cost options from companies with a strong lineup of mutual funds, such as Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard, and T. Rowe Price.” There is a site that compares variable annuity features and you can subscribe for a modest cost at  However, it probably won’t recommend low cost annuities as the site appears to be run by insurance agents (interested in selling annuities and getting commissions).  There are some online tools available at no cost that help with annuity reviews:,, and Variable Annuities Online.

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